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So I want to create a short story with the sims I got from other simmers but everytime i click the accept button, it goes to that screen where you could edit relationships in a household then this processing shit comes out and it goes back to CAS. It’s not hanged up as you can see in the pictures that the sim was moving. It just won’t freaking load. HELP PLEASE? ANYONE KNOWS WHY THIS IS HAPPENNING AND HOW TO SOLVE IT? PLEASE


8:12pm · Friday, August 22nd, 2014 · 16 notes
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    I’ll try to do that :) but for now I have to leave. Thank you for answering :)
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    Have you tried at removing the recent download to see if it has anything to do with that? Just move it out of the sims...
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  5. liegt said: Just to be safe, you should save them all to your bin! Incase it’s a nonfixable error, at least you still have them!
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